Arkus & Romet Group is one of the largest bicycle producer in Poland and Europe. Arkus & Romet history begun in 1991 as a small trading company, but now this group is one of the strongest bicycle and motorcycle producer in Europe. The company owns well-known Romet trademark.

Strong, based on capital, focused on brand development and corporation, Arkus & Romet Group follows it mission - to produce bicycles, scooters and motorcycles - as a major business responsibility and a clear strategy for further development. Year 2012 is an exclusive one because it was started massive production of Romet 4Е electric car.


UNIBIKE - high quality and very well equipped bicycles.

UNIBIKE was established in 1990. The company annually strengthens its positions in the market and successfully competes with other well-known bicycle brands, because of effective collaboration with clients, focused activities and professional approach to the bicycle. They won award in the prestigious "FORBES 2010" in the category of fastest growing companies in value.